The Critic Current Issue

The Critic Current Issue – June 23 issue

The June issue of The Critic magazine offers refreshing perspectives on politics, the arts and modern culture at home and abroad.

Samuel Rubinstein weighs the claims of a new generation of historians who deny that the Anglo-Saxons ever existed as such and are rewriting history to remove them; Andrew Orlowski questions why school examination boards want pupils to use AI in exams, and in Oxford. Alexander Larman laments how badly the city is treated by the university that owns so much of it.

Ellen Pasternack examines the bleak future for young people in a Britain that belongs to the boomers, whilst Paul Raffaele goes deep into the Brazilian jungle to go hunting with an Amazonian tribe fighting to evade modernity. Neil Armstrong turns up the amp for the middle-of-the-road rockers, Patrick Kidd recounts the failure of Frenchmen to win the French Open, Yuan Yi Zhu highlights a court sentencing scandal that leaves some prisoners in danger of indefinite imprisonment, and David Littlefair laments the absence of working-class heroes in the next generation of Labour MPs. All this and the full range of Critic reviews, analysis and comment on the world today.

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