The Critic Current Issue

The Critic Current Issue – April 23 issue

The April issue of The Critic magazine features a Spring Music Special — Richard Bratby discovers many of Europe’s most avant-garde composers were political reactionaries; Robert Thicknesse celebrates John Betjeman’s poems put to music; Norman Lebrecht argues that the New York Philharmonic has finally got it right; and all the latest on what the BBC’s cuts to classical music means for performers and listeners alike.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Stephen Petti detects war hawks circling over Iran, William Cook finds out why museums increasingly favour abstract over figurative art, James Noyes eulogises the Norwich the planners destroyed, Poppy Coburn tracks down the government money used to campaign against government policy and Jonathan Kay follows-up on what the excavators have found after Canada was gripped by claims the remains of hundreds of children lay in unmarked residential school graves.

All this and The Critic’s indispensable survey of the latest trends and releases in the world of books, music, cinema, theatre, art and architecture from its witty and incisive reviewers and columnists.

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