The Critic Current Issue

The Critic Current Issue

December’s The Critic offers 112 pages of ideas (and diversions) for open-minded readers.  Oliver Wiseman and Richard Cockett report from America and explain why the US elections may foretell an emerging Republican majority. David Patrikarakos travels around the Eastern Mediterranean visiting potential flashpoints in a future war between Greece and Turkey. Janine di Giovanni is haunted by her memories of the Bosnian war she reported on 25 years ago.

Adam LeBor investigates the Trotskyist group that now finds itself deeply imbedded in the Conservative government.  Zareer Masani refutes the claim that Winston Churchill was responsible for a genocide in Bengal. The Critic’s Political Editor Graham Stewart looks back at the United Kingdom’s last conservative Prime Minister, Jim Callaghan.  Daniel Johnson remembers the Jonathan Sacks he knew.

Charles Saumarez Smith visits a Potteries factory which illustrates how cultural regeneration should be done and Tim Abrahams examines the future of cities in a post-Covid world. David Womersley guzzles a history of wine and Melanie McDonagh gorges on Irish cooking.  Plus Andrew Roberts, DJ Taylor, Nick Cohen, Norman Lebrecht, Anne McElvoy, Lisa Hilton & Hannah Betts amongst many others.

Our Artists in Residence Adam Dant paints a calendar of London festivities in 2021 (provided the capital is allowed to reopen) and Miriam Elia pictures Neil Ferguson the soothsayer.  Plus Titania McGrath says, Cancel Piers Morgan.  Much to savour – and something to infuriate everyone.

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