The Critic Current Issue

The Critic Current Issue – Aug/Sep 22 issue

In the double summer issue of The Critic, the magazine of ideas for open-minded readers, Charles Wide and Graham Stewart find a Church of England leadership more interested in searching for imaginary bigots in its pews than addressing the crisis in its parishes; Christopher Montgomery argues that it was not Boris Johnson’s cunning plan, but Theresa May’s mulish obstinacy that gave him the keys to Downing Street and Richard Negus discovers the fascist sympathies of Britain’s early environmentalists.

Paul Raffaele travels into the mountains of Pakistan in search of the real Kafiristan of Kipling’s The Man Who Would Be King, Lisa Hilton compares the social codes of modern summer events with those of the traditional English Season, Richard Bratby offers tips on how to drive a steam train, Martin Kemp marvels at Raphael’s divine dazzle and Sarah Ditum wonders if Britney will ever be truly free.

Together with the full spectrum of reviews and analysis of modern life and culture across 112 pages, The Critic makes for perfect summer reading.

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